Tuesday, 21 November 2006

stretch marks - can you cure them

recently I discovered I had stretch marks. Shortly afterwards everyone I know also knew I had stretch marks. How did this happen? ask my wife!

Eventually my boss found out and being the way she is, she laughed her head off for about 2 days. I say she found out eventually, it was perhaps 1 nanosecond after my wife found out. There are physicists currently researching just how the information managed to travel from my wife to my boss faster than the speed of light. Maybe women who gossip have built in warp drivers, who knows?

Anyway, the boss decided I should get some content together about stretch marks for a web site, so I did and I have published it. Click on any of the stretch mark links in this post and it will take you there. It answers some of the obvious questions what are they? can they be treated? Can stretch marks be prevented in the first place? and so on...

One thing did occur to me though while I was building it and it is this... do any of the products really work? Some claim to work and after talking to the people on the phone, I left fairly convinced. Now I am not so sure. After all there are some many stretch mark creams and ointments, it makes your head spin.

So I decided to put together this blog. Every couple of days I am going to post up a product and see if anyone will give me feedback on them, after we have tried about 50 or so I'll publish the results.

Men, I am interested to hear your stories too, come on, don't be shy, I'm admitting that I've got them on my butt, so feel free to do the same, after the laughter has died down it is liberating, sort of!

The site is called strangemarks and comes from the fact that I said to my wife, "Eh love, come and have a look at these strange marks on my butt...", that will teach me.

Hope it is of some use to you and would love to hear your feedback.

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LSMRI said...

I discovered one day that I had stretch marks on my lower back from when I was growing as a teenager - 24 years later. Ignorance was bliss. Now I'm considering laser stretch mark removal.